Toasters are small electric appliances you can easily found in every house. Toasters come in three main types: Pop-up toasters, Toaster ovens, and conveyor toasters. Among these toasters, pop-up toaster or a 2 slice toaster can be the easiest one to use.

With a 2 slice toaster, you just have to put the slice of bread in it and pull the lever down. When your bread is ready the toaster turns off automatically and the toasts pop up out of the slots. Although with its simple mechanism there are some factors you must look for while purchasing. Do check out 2 slice toaster reviews before making a purchase to ensure it has the below-mentioned features.

So these are the things you must consider.

1. Toasting Function

Everyone wants that their toasters should have multiple functions because we always think- the more the better. But this is not the right way to select anything. It is good to have more functions, but toasters with a lot of functionalities are generally more expensive.

And why to waste money on a toaster with 10 functions when you know you are going to use only 3?

Most common functions to look for:

  • Toasting
  • Bagel- Upper half toasting only
  • Defrosting- It defrosts and then toast the toasts
  • Reheating- This function can be the most useful one. Sometimes you don’t want to eat the toast right away and also don’t want to burn it. In that case, you can simply reheat the bread, it’s like toasting but doesn’t burn your toast.

2. Size

This factor matters, especially if your kitchen is small. The bigger the toaster is the more it will use the space. So if you want more functions in your toaster, you’ll definitely have to make more space for it. Also, consider the external and internal size because we often overlook the internal size.

Always compare the internal size with your cooking needs and see if the toaster is the perfect one for you.

3. Material

Toasters are generally made of plastic, aluminum and steel and some combined models as well. But stainless steel is the best build combination and a highly recommended one.

Why stainless steel is better, because, first it is stainless and also looks better than any other appliance. Another factor is heating, stainless steel toasters can heat more than the aluminum ones. The only downside of the stainless is that they are heavier than the plastic ones.

2 slice toaster

4. Appearance

A toaster is something which is going to be visible and also affect the look of the kitchen. So appearance is one of the factors you should consider. Good color and size of the toaster can really make a difference.

5. Brand

Many of you might think that brand is not an important thing while buying a toaster but you should consider it. If you are stuck between two toasters, the brand name can be a detrimental factor in the decision.

You can also check the reputation of the brand. If they have a good reputation they are more likely to have good products which last. Check online reviews for better decision making.

6. Price

Last but not the least, the price is one of the main factors you have to consider, especially if you’re on a budget. First always compare because many brands often offer more money.

2 slice toasters

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